As we already know, influencer marketing is a highly successful method of building a strong, lasting brand identity that clients and consumers can easily trust. More often than not, though, many companies attempt to replicate the results of a solid influencer marketing strategy without bothering to understand the granular details of the method, or how it could be best applied to their specific business or industry.

Furthermore, marketing professionals seem to forget they are working with real human beings, not empty amplification vessels designed to promote their brand.

With that in mind, let us take some time to highlight the guiding principles of influencer marketing, as well as the steps one must take to be met with the results they so desire.

Understand their community

Before one even approaches an influencer about working for their brand, it is imperative they take the time to understand the audience they have worked tirelessly to build and maintain.

For instance, if a majority of their followers are passionate about health and wellness, it would be best for you to task said influencer with testing and reviewing products and services that best match their audience’s interests. Otherwise, you will only be met with disappointment, regardless of how engaging the influencer’s captions and other creative work may be.

Create memorable experiences

It is all too easy for brands to simply ship out PR packages and never truly connect with their network of influencers. Be sure to avoid falling into such a habit by making an effort to get to know each individual, their likes and dislikes, and put your best efforts into personalizing each and every communication and package you send.

Such a feat could be achieved by sending an influencer’s favorite sweet treat along with your latest release, or a piece of customized merch with their name on it. You would be surprised by how much of an impact such small gestures can make, especially when it comes time for them to publish reactions to your products or services.

Provide long-term value

Along that same vein, it is imperative you strive to create new and unique opportunities for your influencers to flex their creative muscles and work on projects that are truly meaningful to them. By taking such steps, you will prove yourself to be invested in every influencer’s long-term development and growth on both personal and professional scales, thus aiding you in forging a stronger connection and building lasting trust with each individual.

Evidently, influencer marketing is not merely a one-size-fits-all tactic. Instead, it is a highly personalized experience that deals with real living, breathing human beings that ought to be treated as such.