Increasingly, the American economy is becoming a gig economy. This means that people are more likely to freelance for some or all of their income than they were just a few years ago. Full-time employment at one corporation is becoming less common as this gig economy heats up, and it only promises to grow more in the future.

More People Work Remotely

With the rise in the gig economy and the improvements in technology, many businesses find that it’s cheaper to hire people to work at a distance than it is to have a large physical office. Additionally, it’s possible to hire people who are good at what they do even when they might not want to move to the locale that houses a company’s headquarters. Many employees find this working arrangement more attractive as a result. Some companies are even moving to a workforce that’s entirely remote.

Blockchain Tech Is Key

When most people think about blockchain, they think of bitcoin and other digital currencies. However, this technology can also provide many benefits for the freelance economy. Now, people who are working at a distance can get paid automatically when they complete a designated task rather than having to wait for payment indefinitely. Blockchain is also more transparent in showing exactly who completed a given task.

Big Companies Use Freelancers

Freelancing tended to be workers employed by small startups in the past. This is no longer the case. Many major corporations have moved over toward the gig economy and freelance workers in an attempt to lure the best talent for the limited time that they need them. While this might mean less stability for employees, it provides flexibility for them as well as the corporations that hire them.

Freelance Employees Tend To Network

While it may seem that freelancers prefer to work alone, there is still the need for networking and contacts. This will likely be enhanced by the previously mentioned blockchain technology. Blockchain publicly shows who completed a given part of a task or project, so those who want to work with the same successful people on a regular basis will have the information they need to make that goal a reality. As time goes on, it is likely that the gig economy will grow even more as technology becomes more robust.