Upon completion of my blog “Platforms That Help The Gig Economy Thrive”, I realized there were many more notable services and platforms that deserve recognition for the way they have assisted in implementing some of the most substantial gig economy resources. Therefore, I have no choice but to add another installment to the topic to deliver on that recognition.

Food Delivery Services

There are countless food delivery services that are now operating heavily, especially in our nation’s highly populated cities and metropolitan areas. Choose between Postmates, GrubHub, UberEats, DoorDash, and tons of others. Delivering food for one of these companies is an easy and effective way to earn some extra money.


More well known in cities like Los Angeles and San Francisco, Byrd is a scooter service that allows people to rent an electric scooter at any time with the swipe of a card. The craziest part? The scooters are left at random all over the city. In order to find one, you simply download the app and they will ping you a location where you can find a scooter.

The whole system only works with the assistance of people around the city who hunt down the scooters each night to charge them. In the morning, they take them to drop off points people can easily find with the help of the app. The gig pays pretty well, and your work is completed overnight while you sleep. The charging game is a competitive one, so get in early if you’re looking to cash out.


Over the past five years, the success of Airbnb has skyrocketed, and for two obvious reasons. The first being that it allows people to travel all over the world and stay somewhere they feel at home, for a cheaper price than that of a hotel. The second part? It allows people all over the world to rent out their own homes to guests as a side hustle through the app. Sounds like a win-win to me!

Influencer Marketing

While this one is a bit trickier to get involved with than the others, Influencer Marketing is a notable part of the gig economy. Influencer Marketing has taken off over the past few years due to the thriving success of specific social media platforms that make this marketing possible. The number one app responsible: Instagram! For people who have a high following count and the right aesthetic, its worth it to check into all the different ways you can use your account to make some extra cash from brands who are willing to pay for the exposure.