The way we work now in 2018 is completely different than we have in the past, but what has caused this shift? We went from very strict set schedules, no company culture and an environment where you went in, did your job and left. Millennials are to thank for the change, and now that many companies have implemented certain tactics to keep their employees, I do not see them regressing back to the old world of work.

Young people do not want to be tied down to a strict schedule, doing the same job every day, so they have turned to freelance. Almost half of the entire millennial generation claim to be freelancers so they are able to decide their own working arrangements. This is extremely different from the past since those in the work world did not have many freelance opportunities that could make them enough money to sustain their everyday life. The move to more simple living has allowed this form of work to flourish for those between the ages of 22-36. By 2025, Millennials will account for 75% of the global work for.

Not only is there an advantage in the freelance world, but young people are also extremely involved online and are able to post their work experience frequently to attract more freelance positions. A survey showed that 55% of freelancers had reskilled within the last six months, compared to other workers who have no updated their resume or learned any other skills besides the ones that they have positions for already. This is where the gig economy comes in.

The gig economy has revolutionized the way we work. Those who drive for Uber and Lyft will always be imprinted into the history. Companies are now following in their steps and allowing their workers to choose the times they work within reason. Giving your employee this say creates a better company culture, as they feel like they are working for themselves and no one else. In certain industries, they are not able to afford all full-time employees since their specialties require a decent compensation, so hiring for specific freelance jobs not only benefits the employer but the employee.

The way that we work is changing due to those getting into the workforce. Young adults do not believe in the everyday 9-5 so they have made plans to learn skills that are needed on a case by case basis. They also believe that work should be enjoyable, that you should want to go and spend your time there since it is a huge part of your life. Not being tied to a job, and a skill is what is changing the way that we work. Having your own dreams that are apart of working somewhere for a paycheck is what is changing the way we work. If companies can not keep up with this mantra, many will suffer as young adults go find work elsewhere doing what they love to do for less time and less stress.