Bryan Moll is the founder of Someone Worth Knowing, a talent community designed to scale  talent professionals on an individual level by helping them grow and monetize their social influence. Furthermore, Someone Worth Knowing is known to provide its clients with insider access to a carefully curated group of innovative marketing and technology teams, which were assembled for the purpose of managing the comprehensive challenges of building a company’s talent brand for both awareness and performance.

Prior to launching this platform, Bryan Moll spent 15 years providing valuable talent insights and successful recruiting  outcomes for industry leaders and venture capital-backed startups. However, it was his passion for talent acquisition, networking, and branding that ultimately led him to step away from the corporate pack and forge his own path.

With all of this experience beneath his belt, establishing Someone Worth Knowing was almost like second nature to Bryan Moll. He knew there was a market for a platform tailored specifically to talent professionals — one that provides premium earning opportunities,  curated professional relationship building, experiential learning events, and thoughtful social events to celebrate being with business-minded talent professionals. This vision came together swiftly, and is accurately relayed in the brand’s manifesto:

[Someone Worth Knowing recognizes] that every individual is their own brand, and that the rise of the sharing economy presents an enormous opportunity for like-minded entrepreneurs to break the boundary of normal “networking,” and partner directly on valuable business opportunities otherwise unattainable or unexecutable by the individual. We aim to raise the tide, and lift all the boats.

We exist to capture, measure, and quantify the business impact and projected value that human capital has on the business world.

In addition to all Someone Worth Knowing can offer its members, it also operates as a resource to companies far and wide. This flexibility is due to the ways in which the organization strives to strike the ultimate partnership between marketing and recruiting. Furthermore, this platform offers a unique marketplace that grants individuals access to curated deal flow and paid influencer programs. Given these qualities, Bryan Moll is incredibly confident in Someone Worth Knowing’s potential to continually grow and revolutionize the realms of influencer marketing, recruiting, and branding.

Needless to say, Bryan Moll is confident in this platform’s ability to overhaul and subsequently modernize the traditional branding, marketing, and recruiting landscapes, especially as it continues to expand in numbers and awareness. To learn more about Bryan Moll and Someone Worth Knowing, be sure to visit Bryan’s website.